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The as am believing that Shih tzun with their cut short leg and the huge furs is one sequel of mothers breeder ideas am grabbing downright fault. Wonder least one couple thousand year has it funnits in they tibet highlands. Naturally am standing the Pekingesen close , but day Europeans breeder is anxious if that any confusion of demolish nots bark happen.

As it were Pekingese spent the tibet dvarf dogs for religious object , but the was getting yet one wholly other , opener and gentle temperament than its Chinese cousin. Today audience the defiance its voluminous furs they very most appreciate of they less dog breeds.

A Shih tzu bark product vivacious and vivid with very copiously , tall and dense furs. That am not getting product curl devoid bark fall direct down and is especially copiously on dizzy and öronen. On nosen am growing furs up , which give dizzy the normal ”the chrysanthemum-faced dog” be expressive of. All colours is allowable , but white blaze and white tailtip should always exist. Withers varies somewhat high , but should rather product something underneath 30 cm. weight 4-7 kg. Maximum 8 kg.






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