Who is Tini!




I am 52 year´s old. My name is Tini.

I live now with my four dog´s!!!! My children, Daniel and Morgan, has mowed out.

I have four beautiful  Shih- tzu:s, Oliwer, who is

12 year´s old and Ozzy is 10 year´s old, Marco 8 year´s old and Milton soon 4 year´s old.

Oliwer is my 4:th, Shih-tzu in my life!

Have you had a Shih-tzu before, you will never have any other dog!

It is a big dog in a little body!!





I spend lots of time in front of the computer, perhaps too much!

But it is my hobby.




We live in Engelholm. In south of Sweden.

Near the forrest, the sea and the beach.









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