Welkome to Ozzys website!

 It is me who is Ozzy!

Raised with love, Showed with pride!







I have been groomed again! Iīm lovely aint I!



This is me no!

Donīt you think Iīm cute?

This picture have my breader made for me, lovely!



Thank you Anne for lovely card on my Ozzy!

I love him alot!


After we have been in Malmö, Sweden dog show!


I am a Shih- tzu male, and I am 1 year old!

Like to play with my sisters, my mother and my oncle Oliwer,

who I live with.

Follow my owner on lot of eventures.

Follow my owner on different shows!


Ozzy 1years old!!


Hipp, hipp, hurray!

Drillions nose kisses and hugs !!



Thank you my breader and my mother!!!


Thank you Anne for the Beautiful picture!


Thank you Paula för the beautiful carpet on my dog!

I really love him alot!


Sometimes I can walk in the ring!!

This is at Ronneby National dogshow!


I am a nice loking guy donīt you think???!


No iwe are going to the wet. To get some vaccinations.

Ozzy is no 3 month old.

We are going in our new pet stroller!


Ozzy is reasting in the grass after his dayly walk!

He is a wery nice looking guy!


Ozzy is no 3month old!!!


Ops, here I am on a table at our sommerhouse.

I am sweet donīt you think???


Ozzy today, 20080410! He is so cuite!


This picture is taken at my breeders home!







I was born 2 february, 2008.


At Kjeannīs kennel









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