Welkome to Oliwers website!

 It´s me who is Oliwer!

Raised with love, Showed with pride!





I have been groomed again!


Today my dear and lovely dog become 8 year´s old! hipp, hipp, hurray!



No my dear Oliwer is 7 year´s old!


No my dear Oliwer is 6 year´s old!


 My dear Oliwer has birthday to day!

He is now 5 years old!

I love him dearly!



My dear Oliwer who will be soon 5 year´s old!



Now I´m 3 year´s old!

Don´t you think Í´m lovely!!!



After we went to Malmö. Sweden¨s dogshow!


My owner made this card! Isn´t I cute???


I am a 3 years old Shih- tzu male !

Like to play with other dogs,

and follow my owner on lot of eventures.

Folow my owner on different shows

where I got sevel fine prizes!

Like to play with a Shih-tzu boy who is called Molle!

We play alout!

Now, Molle has got a friend called Malte.

I like too play with him too! 


Thank you Paula för the beautiful carpet on my dog!

I really love him alot!





Photo by: Nina




Photo by: Paula

          For some mounths ago I got a new shih-tzu friend. He is called Tashi.

We like to run and play with each outher .

Tashi got a new friend at home called Tenzin!

We have lots of fun! We plays as often as we can!




I was born in 18 may, 2006.







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