Small dogs as in least 2000 year has been fund in Tibet , had goats source Shih - tzun. Dalai Lhamas bark leion watch dogs (In our days Lhasa Apso ) as beam as furtunelly gift to imperial coart in Peking , stayed very merciful reception.

They breeder as palace dogs underline to 1912, then China became repubic. Believable be found a certain inkross with Pekingese , something like that also sketch in England in our days. Breeds brås yet very on they Tibet dog than they Chinese ancestor and the able sometimes product badly that distinguish Lhasa Apson and Shih- tzun ate.


Initially of 1930- digits arrived breeding approximate at the same time as in Norway and England with dogs direct was importing from China. At the same time as Shih- tzu possess a certain dignity is they kite , inaugurate and gentle. Their popularity as both show - and the family dogs feel product eternally ascending , defiance the difficulty furs.






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