Pictures of Oliwer´ s and Ozzy s  friends!




Gustav and I in Varberg, Sweden.




I am soo cute!





Nina, Molle, my dogOliwer, Paula andTashi!

We have a very nice day!

Here is Nina, the judge and Molle!

He´s got is results his descriptions!




Bengt- Åke Bogren, Paula och Tashi. His first dog show!!

It went soo good!! 1:a pris , Bir valp, Ended as Bis. 2:a! ( BOB 2)

It was wery fun too be around a such a tumbling day!



Bostons first dog show!

1:a prize, Bir valp (Bob) ended Bis 3!

Not bad for the first time!









Bettan! A black and white little beauty!





Etta! I´m soo beautiful!!




Mona! She is soo pretty!







Gustav och Hilma


Hilma! Pretty as a doll!

I am soo cute! Like a doll!

I have wone my first Bir. puppie prize!




Nina, A black and white little beauty!


Tashi, Molle and Oliwer a holiday in August!

We have a lot of fun!




Here we have Chivas and Gismo, two fine dogs!




I am Cindy! I´m cute as a doll!



Tashi and I after the dog Show at Sofiero 20070909!

We have lots of fun!



Molle has got a new friend at home!!

Hes called Malte!

A little teddybear

 called Malte!





Oliwer and his new friend called Malte! I think Oliwer is in love with Malte!

He is washing and is cosy with him when he can!








Oliwer och Tashi take it slow after the dog show at Tibet 2007!

Perhaps watching some Tv!



My name is Tashi! Im soo cute!

Im lived  with Oliwer when my owners was away!





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