Pictures of Oliwers brotherīs and sister!




My brother: Aksu Ladykiller "Charlie"


This is Charlie no, 20080416.

He is a gourdius man!!!!



My brother : Aksu Little Big Man" Olle"


New pictures of my brother Olle in Germany!



My sister: Aksu La Dolce Vita" Stina"






Here is my half brotherīs and sister!

Born 2004.


Aksu Pablo Picazzo "Olli"

Aksu Papaya- Carica "Olle"

Aksu Party Girl "Alva"


AksuPaint Bold, "Cocos"

Sv. och Dk. UChampion



I am Oliwers half bigbrother!




We are born  2004-01-18

And we are also half brothers toOliwer!



Aksu Lord and Master "Jekku"

Fin.UCh, Rysk UCh,Jv- 04,





Aksu Love In My Heart "Max"

Sw. UChampion

Max has been a daddy to three boys and one girl! 061009. at Zhan-thal kennel.

No he did it again! He is daddy to three boyīs and three girlīs! 20071020. At Makajs kennel!

No he is daddy to one black boy, and two solid gold girls and one golden and white girl! And the black boy is mine!!!! 2008-02-04 at Kjeannīs kennel!





My half brother Sigge and uncle Teddi!




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