Oliwers bathing rutin´s!




Tini always begin with going into the bathroom and and blending my shampoo and balm. And put my rubber mat into the bathtub. And get my towels to put me in!


Tini takes a comb with big teeth, and comb me with it. Then she will find ev. tangles before the bath! Becaurse, she don´t like wet tangle.


Tini give me a gentle shower soo my hole coat get wet. She is avoid getting water into my nose or in the ears.


"A very wet dog is standing here! Like a wet rat.


Then Tini put the schampoo into my coat. I don´t like it so I allways shake me alot and the coat get messy.

Then Tini rinse thoroghly with lots of water.



Then she put in the balm ( balsam) in the coat. It has to sit in the coat for three minutes. Then Tini is rinsing thorghly again with water.


At long last I can come up and cuddle (with Tini) all wrapped up in a towel.
But before that I have to give a good two shakes and Tini has to wringle my hair to get rid of most of the water.
At last I am able to run around the room. While Tini gets a good laugh.


Now Tini is take out my grooming table and the dryer. Becaurse, today Iwill dry my coat.

I usual let my coat dry by it self! In he spring and summer.

Now my coat will be dry.Tini uses a dryer and brush the coat dry in layers. Besure the dryer is not set to high. And no tangles is near me!



Tini lies me on the side. And brush toward the body. And comb layers by layers, all the way down to the skin. So no tangles will bee mist.




Tini remove only the hair inside the ear canal. Because, I´we got very much hair there.

My vet. has told Tini that if she don´t take the hair away I will got ear problems again. And that I don´t want.

Tini is wery good with her tweezers.


Now will my pads get cleaned!

Tini cut my nails every week! and trim the hair between the pads.

She cut´s the hair between my pads with a little scissors. Than no painful tangles or dirt and even chewing-gum can forming there.

Becaurse, I live in a city!



Is topknoting time!

Today, Tini will make a twin plait betwin my eyes, so no hair can hang down into my eyes. Then she put up the usural topknot.


Tini made me gorgeous! Didn´t she?



Is´nt I wonderful!??




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