More about Oliwer!

I am Oliwer!

Raised with love, Showed with pride!




I am Aksu Love On The rocks, "Oliwer"



My dad: Mismås Tast Of amaretto "Otto" S45497/2003



My mother: Aksu Run To Me "Asta" S56467/2000






Me and my sister and brothers!

When we where young!


Aksu La Dolce Vita, "Stina" S44973/2006

Aksu Love OnThe Rocks, "Oliwer" S44972/2006

Aksu Little Big Man "Olle" S44971/2006
Aksu Lady Killer, "Charlie" S44970/2006





My grand fathers and grand mothers!


Tellenmussukat Uniikii Fin. "Teddi" 26020/01
Such. Amie-Bells Parfait Amour, "Majsan"
Such. Tsantha Devil May Dare, Louie S13357/98
Fossella Drip Dry"Trippan" S57939/96














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